We keep many models of our trusted manufacturer's product in stock in Denver. With fewer people stocking inventory, it's difficult to find what you need in a short amount of time. Many of our products are in stock or offer much shorter lead times. We place orders frequently, providing our customers with a huge benefit of savings in freight. We are currently stocking Royal Range of California, Kelvinator, and TurboChef. Culinary Solutions works with several food service equipment dealers in the Rocky Mountain region to assure you prompt and efficient delivery and service. End users can buy equipment from various dealers in Colorado, Montana, and Wyoming



The appreciation we have for our land is a huge factor for Culinary Solutions when deciding to work with a manufacturer. We strive to find companies who value the environment as much as we do. Being in a beautiful state, with the Rocky Mountains at our window, sustainability and energy efficiency are a key factor with the manufacturers we represent.

Here are a few examples of our manufacturers that do their part in being green:



Cooktek offers merchandise that focuses on being energy efficient to assure you the best quality products.



Safecid's products act as a safe replacement for dangerous acids, caustics, solvents, and surfactants that fit their customers' needs.


Empire Bakery Equipment

Empire Bakery Equipment provides quality merchandise that is energy efficient as well as cost efficient.


Streivor Inc. offers some of the most energy efficient wall canopy hoods ever invented. Their SmartAire™ technology allows the airflow in each hood segment to be individually adjusted which optimizes the airflow rate for the capture and containment of exhaust effluents. Streivor ensures that every aspect of the hood was looked at for ways to improve the fluid dynamics of the air movement.



The VIZION water filtration system by A.J. Antunes & Co. is a premium water filtration system. It has a low cost of ownership and results in the highest quality ingredient water.




TurboChef is the world's leader in ventless cooking equipment for food service operations. This game changing technology has given the industry the ability to do high volume cooking without the use of expensive kitchen ventilation systems.

Small environmental foot print - Throughput exceeds 28-inch conveyors.

Superior independent air handling - Top and bottom air can be adjusted independently.

TurboChef controls - Allows up to 8 separate cooking profiles

Easy to clean mono finger design - No complicated fingers to install / remove / clean and re-install.

Energy efficient - Idle mode and improved air handling saves you energy!

Very durable - Stainless steel interior and exterior construction.